Buy YouTube Subscribers? My story of getting first hundred subscribers

My name is Sara and I have YouTube channel with 211k subscribers.

how to get first hundred youtube subscribersI think most people are aware of how I went from 4000 subscribers to close to 90 to 100 thousands YouTube subscribers. You more interesting story to be told as high up from 0 to 4000. A few days ago I had a need up and I got to chance to me a lot of you amazing human being.

The big question was:

  • How do I get started on YouTube
  • How do I start Trevor might create a passion is withers for tired feet video on different platforms.

I'm gonna share some tips on how to get your first hundreds Subscribers on YouTube

First we're going to take a stroll through memory lane and I'm gonna go through my old videos and had a point out at what point still ahead 100 subscribers 5000 subscribers.  When was there a plateau when were the breakthrough. Because it is that I've been watching a lot of my whole video and it's fun to reminisce sometimes but other times it's just cringe inwardly really.

Let's go back to my first video ever. I flushing tarp for over 10 years and so during that time I had bought and sold a lot of guitar and amplify. What I wanted to settle this one specific a fuzz pedal. I took to the internet there was a forum. That's really good for guitar and gear. I have people know what it sounds. I gotta make a video where does one make a video on YouTube. In September my first you do video ever and it was me in demo weighing 8 guitar pedal I had for sell.

I use my dad's canon that I have use for some school projects. I was a terrible filmer and I understood editing just play around. This was time when it was really cool everyone had DS waters made love to zoom in and out of things thank god I found over placers noticing people watching us, random people that didn't see the link on the forum. I really got like thousands of people watching this video that I did not that I was listening to friends and family. Also, I inserted a video in Facebook. For high-quality promotion in Facebook, use the link: I was confused, but I was glad. View my video with illustrations and proofs:

  1. I started to upload a just like videos on YouTube. It took me honestly. I think one or 2 years to post my next video. The next video that is public on my profile is the law of supply and demand music video. That I made for economics project. There were a few videos and between modern now deleted by and between my old demo and also a Taylor Swift concert I had my first 100 subscribers.
  2. I didn't know about it in a way where I was like YouTube. I want views, I want subscribers, I want people watching my stuff. YouTube is kind of there to solve a problem that I have before. How I got a thousand subscribers, I think truly enemy in your first 100 subscribers can go one of 2 ways one your stuff is searchable. People are kind of stumbling upon it and saying Hey. This is good I might stick around.
  3. The second way is look you want to do this video thing you want to dive in YouTube hard work to your first 100 subscribers email text right your friends and family a letter however you can get in touch with people do it by any means. Everyone you've ever met hopefully there are 100 people like that. After that I started to get more serious about video and I'm just scrolling through the videos now. I started to do more concert live coverage for those like this is the way the people get to my channel because people actually search out concert footage I've loved music I've always loved music. Then I started transitioning into videos that I was passionate about I would go to strengthened my friends and I make a recap video of that. I was still mixing in the search ability of the music I was seen by it they kind of falls into trouble films. From there I got hooked on kind of filming those types of recaps videos. I would on boxes, I would review, I would teach on it via YouTube videos but then I would go out and travel with it I would come back with really cool troubled by videos while doing the searchable camera. As I was pulling in people with a searchable content I got some of them to stay for the content that I was actually passionate about making on sites.

kccatl.comMy first big turning point and maybe not listen to YouTube making videos was my Greece video. You may think I'm too young to go to travel to Greece one of the best trips of my life I recap video. The first time that my friends and family really say this is actually amazing and I love this video that I mean. It may be even more passion for creating but also sharing online throughout all Social Networks and all the things I was doing slowly climbing up to thousands subscribers.

My second big turning point was the start of my dog is series Greece space TV. I want to start the series 8/11/2015 it was a way for me to get more experience as a filmmaker and highlighting other people. I consider this my second big turning point not just because making a dog series was on the staff of the right direction for me as a video maker but also I gained a little bit of movement YouTube. I have a secret for you:

This is something a lot of people know that I have actually gotten 2 collections from the man casing stuff. I have been stunned nice thoughts on him in to beginning. August 2015 this is beautiful time and my video really started getting and 2 daily flogging. This long for some videos getting 1000000 views each. Crazy, but he has a smell time. I understood that I was about to launch the biggest thing ever that I am ever launched in YouTube channel. The first season up created Greece Spaces TV. About a month before launching I sent him really nice moleskin notebooks. This 2 probably has all the ideas and all the time. Cool notebooks to write things on every in my video. And then I sent him this package and it was just meant to be.

On the day that I release the first season and create a space to you with August 11 this was also my friends. Casing happens to release the lock in what she does a best time in which she opened up my packaging letter exactly on August 11/2015 when I watched the first season of  Freedom spaces TV. It my package a letter was opened on that same day in the Facebook blog. From that letter I got a solid hundred subscribers, which is so crazy because that's why it makes it even more special when I was gearing up for the release of season 2 of creative space TV. Right before, what's a way that I can provide something for YouTube subscribers again, because I feel like our audience. Together and that's what I mean holiday Casey nice of vlog in the shout out landed on the same and that time I was releasing of first episode of season 2.

kccatl.comDo you really can full circle. Post go back to season one of Greece space TV. Not only did I get that real time package open but at the same time test works from the art of photography gave me a shout out on his channel. Another sent me well past of thousand subscribers and followers on Twitter. Now I was all set two thousands subscribers! I had 2 different creative shows screen space TV and back creative life I was still doing camera tutorials and on boxing's. But truly I beginning I was focusing on quality YouTube video was on my college students. I can't stress enough how important it is and the beginning to focus on quality focus on what you love to do and what you want see out in the world. That is going to get people to stay. When you are consciously putting in the work, that break through is going to happen. But you want to make sure when that breaks actually happens you have the credibility you have the backlog of content on whatever social media you're really pouring into to make the people my real active subscribers. The people actually interested in staying to see perfect channel. Real and active subscribers - he does matter on YouTube. I truly think it does a schedule matters but not so much in the beginning focused so hard on quality what sets you apart from everyone else who is doing practically the same thing on YouTube. As a person you thoroughly appreciates design it never hurts to have a good statics on your online profiles that actually does go a long way but keep in mind a pretty online profile is nothing was out to be me and substance of the arts and vice version.

Additionally I advise you to make a mini video lasting 1 minute for Instagram. We all know that Instagram has an explosive nature, especially if the video is interesting and viral. If a short video will interest your followers on Instagram, then they will go to your channel on YouTube and subscribe necessarily. I give a tested few links for fast getting Instagram followers:

I hope you guys enjoyed this information, I think it super funny there was that Casey shadow before the Casey shower now and it was such a long journey from 2011 to 2015. That hustle and grind that brought me from 0 to 4000 subscribers. Every day I truly have to remind myself to go out videos, life and work with that same mentality of just being so hungry for building. Because in the very beginning that is your advantage you have that hunger hold. Thank you so much for joining in and listening to my story hopefully you got some inspiration or some nuggets from it. That you can apply to your own life let me know if you like this article hit that subscribe button down below for new articles and videos. Every Monday through Friday we get creative up here, we do some stuff for New York City. I try to bring exciting things to your faces 5 days a week stay pitching.


How to buy real subscribers on YouTube without banned?


buying youtube subscribersHaving clarified the moment with the mass write-offs, it is logical to think about how, in this case, to buy subscribers on YouTube, so that they are not written off, and the channel is not banned? To do this, you must consistently adhere to several rules:


  • Do not buy subscribers on unverified services. To find out which service is more honest and conscientiously performs services, pay attention to its reputation on the Internet and customer reviews on forums and social networks. Thanks to the experience of my colleagues and friends, real subscribers have a service only. All other sites that my friends tried to send automatic bots without views and likes. There is no true subscriber who does not watch the video!


  • Start buying from small portions. Do not immediately go broke for hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Buy for the beginning about a hundred. Thus, you do not do much harm to your channel and check the quality of the added material


  • Continually follow the news in the world of YouTube. Often, users share information about a new wave of write-offs or other checks on the YouTube system. At this time, it is better to lie to the bottom and not make purchases


  • Analyze the prices of sellers. As we said earlier: expensive does not mean quality


  • Do not overclock completely empty channel. Add subscribers yourself. Let it be just friends and acquaintances, but they will bring to your channel activity in the form of views, comments and likes. Only after this, it is worth thinking about how to buy YouTube subscribers. If you do not manage to solve this issue with the help of friends and acquaintances, then you can simply buy views and likes on YouTube in the right amount, it's quite inexpensive on our site


Do everything systematically. Make purchases in small parts with certain intervals between orders. Also, do not forget to monitor the activity on the channel, you should see a balance between the number of true subscribers to the views and comments in it.